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A couple tourist marvel at the beautiful cliffs at Shipwreck's Beach in Poipu Kauai

In the winter, daytime temperatures in Poipu range from the mid 70s to the lower 80s, with nighttime temperatures dipping into the low to mid 60s. During the summer months, daytime temperatures go as high as the upper 80s, and back down into the low 70s at night. When showers make it into the Poipu area, they are usually brief. 

Most of the Poipu area hotels have air conditioning, and those that do not are equipped with ceiling fans and louvered windows, allowing Poipu Beach's prevailing trade winds to provide a natural cooling effect for most of the year.

The Poipu Beach Resort Association recommends wearing natural fiber clothing such as cotton which is most comfortable in the tropics. We also recommend packing a sweater or jacket and long pants to take on trips up into the mountains, where the air—at 4,000 feet—is much cooler.


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