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Adventure Activities

With a dynamic coastline, expansive landscape and temperate year-round climate, Poipu almost can't help but lure travelers with myriad of adventure activities.Take an exhilarating adventure along Kauai's South Shore and enjoy up close, breathtaking mountain and coastline views on foot or off-road on an all terrain vehicle. Navigate the waters that flow around and through the Garden Island is an unparalleled kayak adventure experience. Or how about gaining a bird’s eye view and the liberating sensation of flight as you soar above Kauai’s rainforest canopy on a zipline tour. Many guided tours provide visitors unprecedented access to soothing waterfalls, lush rain forests and historic sites. These safe and exciting adventures can give guests a unique perspective of Kauai’s ecology, culture and history. With so many choices what adventure will you try?

Cultural Activities

One of the rewards of traveling is to experience different cultures firsthand. Hawaii has evolved as one of the world's most unique cultures and Kauai is imbued with interesting cultural practices, dances, music, cuisine, natural history and archaeology.

The Hawaiian islands were initially settled by courageous Polynesians and later became a melting pot of various Western and Eastern immigrants that arrived to the islands during the plantation era. This unparalleled mix of differing cultures resulted in a something special. While visiting Poipu Beach be sure to carve out a little time to immerse yourself in the Hawaiian culture.

Events Calendar

The Poipu Beach Events Calendar is a great place to find out what is happening on the South Shore of Kauai.


Kauai's Poipu Beach is the perfect destination for the entire family. With so many family friendly activities on the South Shore, the only question will be which one to do first! You'll find a wide variety of family oriented providers below for information on daycare, activities and dining for everyone.


As a former home to the Grand Slam of Golf, Poipu is well known for its beautifully maintained courses, challenging holes and spectacular views of the mountains and Pacific. With an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, you’ll enjoy an incredible golf experience at one of the Poipu Beach golf courses listed below.

Learning Activities

What can make a vacation that much better? How about learning to surf in Hawaii, the birthplace of modern surfing? Or you could go scuba diving and discover the amazing underwater world of exotic, colorful tropical fish? What about hula dancing at a luau-swaying your hips to the sweet sounds of the ukulele under the heavenly scented plumeria trees? Or learn to paddle a stand up paddle board while gazing at the passing majestic cliff faces and lush terrain of Kauai.
Poipu Beach offers it all and what better place could you find in the world to learn something new. Just think of what you'll master on the stunning South Shores of Kauai.


As Kauai’s evening sky illuminates under a blanket of stars, nightlife on the South Shore shimmers with live music, dancing and cocktails. From upscale lounges to casual bars and places to dance the night away, Poipu Beach’s assortment of after dark activities will surely keep you busy well past sunset.


The Garden Island bristles with unique volcanic formations, mesmerizing views and natural wonders. For Poipu Beach visitors, these amazing attributes can be accessed by car and explored further on foot. See below for a list of some of the most captivating attractions on Kauai’s enchanting South Shore.

Spa, Wellness

Relaxation is key to any tropical vacation, especially in Poipu Beach where spas offer an enticing array of pampering possibilities. Everything you need to recharge your body and mind is available on Kauai’s South Shore—from facials, herbal wraps, manicures and massages to couples treatments and full day spa packages. 

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